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Embrace your five minutes of fame on an international stage in the 15×20 mini presentations.

A fast-paced style of presentation designed for our community to share their influences and inspirations without getting bogged down by details. This short format encourages flowing presentations summarizing big ideas so that listeners can enjoy a wide variety of perspectives in a single evening.

At the ISS in Tōkyō, we’re hosting a 15x20 mini presentations (15 slides at 20 seconds each, for a total of five minutes) to allow an opportunity for participants to share their work and ideas engaging with the themes of the symposium. Selected participants will gain the invaluable experience of presenting their work in front of our international community and have an opportunity for networking and feedback after the presentations.



Vanessa Drake Moraga, Vanessa Drake Moraga

Wendy Weiss, Wendy Weiss

Yoshiko Wada, Yoshiko Wada



Lucy Arai, "Without a Word: Transmissions Through Needle and Thread"

Jane Callender, "Callishibori"

Soham Dave, "Block Making"

Lala de Dios, "The Last Eleven"

Lori Faulkner, "Couture Tech"

Riddhi Jain, "Dyeing and Beyond"

Kinor Jiang, "A Genius of the Textile World: Junichi Arai"
Hong Kong

Li Yun Liu, "Chinese Scenery"

Loreto Millalen, "Xarikan in Wallmapu"

Chris K. Palmer, "Shadowfolds Stories"

Sylvia Riley, "Mixing It Up with Shibori and Mordant Printing"

Barbara Shapiro, "Material Transformations: Woven Cloth Gives Way to Sculptural Basketry"

Haoran Wang, "Yi Minority Traditional Indigo Dye Process from Sichuan Province"

Hai Yan Wu, "Back to the Heart"

Carolina Yrarrazaval, "Modern Art Museum Exhibition, Chile"


symposium Topics

Local Industry

Local industries create foundations for the community and environment upon which we build textile practices. Emphasizing sustainability, regional history, and people and their skills, we showcase the enduring legacy of artisans and craftspeople who support traditions and inspire future generations.

Global Trade

Global economies and trade throughout history have heavily influenced the spread of craft practices, the development of taste and aesthetic, and the innovation of new techniques. We investigate how world regions have shaped each other's textile arts through trade.

Technology & Tradition

The tension between technology and tradition has long influenced textile arts. We explore the ways in which evolving technology and textile traditions have interacted, from the development of the Chinese drawloom to Issey Miyake’s design of kinetic fashions to the creation of NASA's solar sails.

Material Transformation

A core identifier of shibori is the transformative process from 2D to 3D which leaves enduring “memories” on cloth. We emphasize the ways in which textile artists transform materials, through folding, fulling, dyeing, coating, stitching, and other creative methods – innovative, imaginative, artistic, and practical.


28 May – Call for Entry closes
04 June – Jury decisions announced
15  June – Submit complete digital presentation
02 July – Presentations in Tōkyō, Japan



02 July
Tama Art University Museum
Following opening reception of International Contemporary Art of Shibori exhibition


Entry Guidelines

  • One presentation per entry. You may submit as many entries as you wish.

  • Submitters must be attending the symposium in Tōkyō, i.e. registered for either the Full Symposium, Nagoya + Tōkyō, or Tōkyō+ Yonezawa & Yamagata.

  • Presentations should engage with at least one of the topics of the symposium, e.g. Local Industry, Global Trade, Technology & Tradition, or Material Transformation.

  • Remember your audience is a group of international artists - images should be compelling and beautiful to look at!

  • Submitted images must be JPEGs at least 1500x1500px and 300dpi.

  • Submitted images must be titled with first initial and last name, e.g. ywada-1, ywada-2, etc.

  • Your slides may be captioned, but we recommend keeping text minimal, and maximum 1 - 2 images per slide. View examples


Entry Components

  • 3 sample slides

  • Captions for your sample slides

  • Short, compelling description summarizing the content of your presentation (150 words max)

  • Short biography statement (60 words max)

  • $20 submission fee payable by PayPal or credit card


Terms and Conditions

Submitting an entry to this exhibition implies your agreement to all listed conditions. 11 ISS and its affiliates and partners (collectively, "the organizers") may photograph your presentation, and may distribute photographs and images including those you submit for purposes of publicity and accountability. The organizers may sell and distribute catalogs containing images of your work and images you submit. The organizers are not obligated to exhibit presentations which arrive late or differ substantially from the submitted entry.


Call For Entry