Nagoya Region

Shibori Dyeing: Blooming Flowers on Fabric

Shibori dyed kimono from the Meiji - Showa period as well as contemporary shibori works. Organized by Osaka Japanese Folk Art Museum.

03 March – 16 July 2018
Osaka Japanese Folk Art Museum, World’s Fair Park, Senri
大阪日本民藝館 千里・࣭万博公園内


Shibori Dyeing: Shugo Shishin

Displaying a grand shibori work depicting gods of wind, thunder, water, and fire. Organized by Kyoto Shibori Museum.

08 May - 31 May 
Kyoto Shibori Museum


History of Japanese Shibori

An exhibition of historical Japanese shibori and kimono works from the Nara period. 

26 May – 01 July 2018
Tamesaburō Furukawa Memorial Hall

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Kimono Inspiration Challenge: Yukata from Abroad

Results of a challenge issued to international artists, asking for inspirational new takes on shibori summer wear. The yukata were displayed at the 34th Arimatsu Shibori Festival in addition to 11 ISS, and will enter the permanent collection of the Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori Kaikan. Sponsored by the Committee of the 34th Annual Shibori Festival.

02 June – 03 June 2018 [34th Arimatsu Shibori Festival]
Narumi Shibori Kaikan

27 June – 01 July 2018
Takeda Kahei Shōten Warehouse #3
竹田嘉兵衛商店株式会社 三番蔵


Indigo, Shibori Dyeing, and Innovative Yukata

Indigo shibori dyed yukata by Hiroko Ando and 60 members of Yuusōkai. Sponsored by Hiroko Ando and Yuusōkai.
20 June – 03 July 2018
Konsei Shōten


Nagoya Castle and Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori

To build Nagoya Castle, workers across Japan including from the distant Bungo province (modern day Ōita prefecture in Kyūshū) were summoned to Nagoya. The Bungo workers brought with them their shibori trade, creating the foundations for both the castle and the thriving shibori community that is now Arimatsu. A variety of regional shibori styles will be exhibited including Narumi shibori, Bungo shibori, Chikuzen amagi shibori, Niigata shirone shibori, Akita asamai shibori, and Morioka nanbu shikonzome shibori.

26 June – 01 July 2018
Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace Peacock Hall
名古屋城本丸御殿 孔雀の間

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Shibori Mini

Shibori thrives under constraint. Here, international artists showcase their talents in miniature, confined to a 30x30x30cm space. Sponsored by World Shibori Network.

27 June – 01 July 2018
Arimatsu Dashi Kaikan


Works by the Shibori Community

Works by President Hayakawa Kaei and the Shibori Community. Organized by the Shibori Community. 

27 June – 01 July 2018
Arimatsu Dashi Kaikan


Legacy: International Kimono from 1 ISS

Kimono by international artists from the first International Shibori Symposium (1992). Sponsored by Niwaki Co., Ltd.

27 June – 01 July
Takeda Kahei Shōten Drawing Room
竹田嘉兵衛商店  書院


Arashi Shibori

An exhibition focusing on Arimatsu-Narumi’s arashi shibori techniques.

27 June – 22 July 2018
Nagoya City Museum 2F Permanent Exhibition Hall

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International Contemporary Art of Shibori

An exhibition of selected international shibori works on the theme "Fusion and Evolution."

01 July – 19 August 2018
Tama Art University Museum

Yamagata Region

Aomori Prefecture Nanbu Hishizashi

Historical examples and contemporary works of Nanbu hishizashi embroidery. Produced by Reiko Nakamura, Director of Hanada Nanbu Hishizashi Workshop.

07 July – 10 July 2018
Yamagata Bunshōkan


Aomori Prefecture Tsugaru Koginzashi

Historical examples of western kogin, eastern kogin, and Mishima kogin embroidery, as well as contemporary works. Produced by Sadaharu Narita, Director of Hirosaki Kogin Laboratory.

07 July – 10 July 2018
Yamagata Bunshōkan


Yamagata Prefecture Yusa Sashiko

Historical examples and contemporary works of Yusa sashiko embroidery. Produced by Reiko Domon, representative of Yusa Sashiko Guild.

07 July – 10 July 2018
Yamagata Bunshōkan


Yamagata Dyeing Traditions

An exhibition of regional dyeing specialities from around Yamagata such as Okitama tsumugi or Shirataka itajimi ko-gasuri. Produced by the Okitama Traditional Textiles Cooperative Association.

07 July – 10 July 2018
Yamagata Bunshōkan


Yonezawa Weaving

An exhibition of premier examples of Yonezawa's famous weaving techniques. Produced by the Yonezawa Weaving Industry Association.

07 July – 10 July 2018
Yamagata Bunshōkan


Japanese Red & Safflower

An overview of safflower production in the Yamagata region including samples of safflower and dyed goods. Produced by the Yamagata Prefecture Safflower Producers Association.

07 July – 10 July 2018
Yamagata Bunshōkan


Wearable Art

An exhibition of original wearable art and accessories by Hatsumi Yoshida.

07 July – 10 July 2018
Yamagata Bunshōkan


Yamagata Prefecture Shōnai Sashiko

An exhibition of contemporary works of sashiko on everyday items such as jackets, noren curtains, and home goods, gathered from the Shōnai region of Yamagata prefecture.

07 July – 10 July 2018
Historic Former Kazama Residence
Japan Heritage Heishindō


New Beat: International Student Competition

Students across the globe present innovative 2D and 3D art inspired by material manipulation and cutting-edge technical application, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art further into the future.

07 July - 15 July 2018
Tohoku University of Art & Design

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