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International Student Competition

Students across the globe present innovative 2D and 3D art inspired by material manipulation and cutting-edge technical application, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art further into the future.

Organized by 11 ISS and hosted by the Tohoku University of Art & Design, this competition promotes an international exchange of ideas and inspiration amongst the next generation of artists and designers exploring new dimensions in surface design.

Students are encouraged to use any pliable material as a "textile" and to experiment with color and shape. Just as shibori techniques create a "memory on cloth" wherein the transformation from 2D to 3D can be interpreted and reverse engineered, the resulting design should showcase the material's "memory" i.e., a recorded expression of the process. Students are encouraged to engage with environmental and social issues or topics relevant to their local community in their work.



Dr. Kinor Jiang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Yoshiko Wada, Yoshiko Wada


Exhibiting Artists

Kendall Clarke, "Tectonics"
University for the Creative Arts

Linda Edwards, "Water"
University of Derby

Hong Ci Hu, "Denial & Struggle"
Parsons School of Design

Enna Ikuta, "Vessels"
Rhode Island School of Design

Riddhi Jain, "A Civilization"
National Institute of Design

Sangmin Lee, "Nocturnal"
Sangmyung University of Textile Design
South Korea

Francisca Núñez, "Bestiarius"
Universidad de Chile

Qingxin Peng, "Flowing Sands"
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

Yishu Yan, "Integration NO. 3 & 4"
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

Jiaqi Yuan, "Starry Rug"
California College of the Arts



24 May – Call for Entry closes
31 May – Jury decisions announced
15 June – Ship by this date for on-time arrival
25 June – Work must arrive in Arimatsu
07 - 15 July – Exhibition
22 July – Work shipped back to artists
01 August – Estimated work arrival date



07 July - 15 July
Tohoku University of Art & Design


Entry Guidelines

  • One work per entry. You may submit as many entries as you wish.
  • Maximum dimensions and weight 3m high x 2.5m wide, 30 kg. Consider that you are responsible for shipping one-way.
  • Images showing full work must be against a plain white or black background.
  • Wearable work should be presented and photographed as an art object.
  • Submitted images must be JPEGs at least 1500x1500px and 300dpi.
  • Submitted images must be titled with first initial and last name, e.g. ywada-1, ywada-2, etc


Entry Components

  • 1 - 2 images showing full work
  • 1 - 2 images showing detail
  • Photo credits for your images
  • Short list of materials and techniques used in your work
  • Short artist's statement about your work (100 words max)
  • Short biography statement (60 words max)
  • Shipping address for return of work
  • $20 submission fee payable by PayPal or credit card


Terms and Conditions

Submitting an entry to this exhibition implies your agreement to all listed conditions. 11 ISS and its affiliates and partners (collectively, "the organizers") may photograph your work, and may distribute photographs including those you submit for purposes of publicity and accountability. The organizers may sell and distribute catalogs containing photographs of your work and photographs you submit. The organizers are not obligated to exhibit works which arrive late or differ substantially from the submitted entry. The organizers are not responsible for damage or loss; you are responsible for obtaining your own insurance.


Call for Entry