1/2 Day Workshops Open for Registration

Workshops throughout the symposium have been updated and published! Registration for workshops* opens Wednesday, 21 March at 10am (Pacific Time).
*Arimatsu 1/2-Day Workshops and Yonezawa 1/2-Day Workshops. Yamagata Short Workshops will open later. Pre-symposium 1-Day Workshops and Yamagata Safflower Harvest are open now!

REMEMBER: You must have completed your registration and paid your balance in order to sign up for workshops and other symposium events!



Arimatsu 1/2-Day Workshops

Full Symposium / First Half registration packages include 1 of these workshops. Additional workshop tickets may be purchased for $150 USD.

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Yamagata Safflower Harvest

This workshop is an add-on for Full Symposium / Second Half registrants. + $60 USD.

Join Dr. Kazuki Yamazaki and his colleagues and students at Tohoku University of Art and Design for an early morning harvest in Yamagata's famed safflower fields. Grown as part of TUAD's unique field-to-fiber program, this precious dyestuff produces vibrant shades of yellow, pink, and the coveted beni red. Learn the history and applications of Japanese safflower, and process the harvest into beni-mochi dye patties for the university’s program. Participants will also receive three beni-mochi to take home.

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Yonezawa & Yamagata Workshops Announced

Topics of 1/2-day workshops in Yonezawa and short workshops in Yamagata are confirmed! More details will follow.

Full Symposium / Second Half registration packages include 2 Yonezawa 1/2-Day Workshops. Yamagata Short Workshops are add-ons; price TBA.

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Up Next

  • Call for entry for pop-up shops in Nagoya and Yamagata where symposium registrants can bring goods to show and sell
  • Call for entry for 15x20 "mini" pechakucha presentations at Tama Art University Museum in Tōkyō
  • Registration opening for short workshops during the symposium in Yamagata